25 Random Things

This was one of those Facebook “lists” that ran like a greased pig through the probably evil social networking site for a few months. But I thought it was amazing. I loved reading people’s “25 Random Things about Me” lists; even if I’d known them for what felt like forever, I still learned something remarkable and surprising about them.

If you have read In Spite of Everything, you may feel that there is nothing either remarkable or surprising left to know about yours truly. And you would have a super-good point. But if you haven’t read it yet, or you just like this kind of thing, here’s mine. And please contribute yours, if you like.

25 Random Things About Me

1. The “Susan Gregory” part of my name is a link to my Southern maternal grandmother’s matrilineal tradition of naming the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter “Susan Gregory.” I’m the sixth. My oldest daughter is the seventh.
2. I cry, if only a little, every day.
3. I don’t seem like a prude, but I’m actually weirdly Victorian.
4. When I wake up from a nap, I need chocolate right away.
5. I hate cats. Hate.
6. I was called “Pierce” in high school.
7. I cannot stand petty meanness, or any gesture at sexism or racism, and get my version of gangsta when I encounter it.
8. But I totally get Eminem.
9. The best education I ever got was at an all-girls school.
10. I’d rather cut off my left arm than move to the suburbs.
11. I used to dream in French.
12. I was not born with the moderation gene.
13. My Dad was an ice-climber.
14. I am the shortest person in my family—by far.
15. I named my younger daughter my favorite girls’ name in the world.
16. Even though I’ve worked as a reporter and writer my entire adult life, I still think of myself as an actor.
17. I am a Judeophile, but I really, really love Mary.
18. I love swearing.
19. When my children were born, I suddenly believed in God.
20. My great-grandfather and great-grandmother were traveling actors; they ended their run by managing a Wild West show in Coney Island.
21. Even though I haven’t lived in California since I was 12, I still think of myself as a Californian.
22. I have lived in New York for 22 years, for my entire adult life.
23. When I dance, I dance.
24. My hero has always been Elizabeth I. When I think about her, I get choked up. For real.
25. I love being proven wrong.